Initial Evaluations and Re-evaluations

Initial Evaluations & Re-evaluations

We begin our assessment process with a detailed background questionnaire that is completed prior to the initial evaluation. We seek out, absorb information from, and carefully analyze the reports, observations, and insights of parents and professionals who interact on a regular basis with a child. Our therapists thoroughly review the paperwork and relevant records to obtain as much background information as possible in order to best assess the children when they come in for their evaluations. We greatly appreciate families for taking the time to rigorously fill out all the paperwork for the therapists to utilize in preparation of the evaluations so we can create the best plan of care for children..

Following the initial evaluation a comprehensive and extensive written report is completed which describes the evaluation session, analysis of background information provided,  results of any standardized tests which were completed, a determination of the need for therapy, and a treatment plan including individualized goals and objectives in detail.

In order to quickly start helping your child, sessions can often be scheduled before the evaluation report is complete.